FAQ about Mean Peach

Who is Mean Peach?
Mean Peach is a cartoon character based on a real person, our own Peaches Valdes, Associate Director of Admissions, Class of ’99 (M.S.S. and M.L.S.P. ’03).

I’ve met the real Peaches, she’s not mean, and I don’t get it.
Mean Peach is a cartoon who, like her inspiration, labors under the delusion that she has a capacity for “meanness.” When someone else is mean, Mean Peach is appalled, outraged and irate; her mind races for equally mean methods to exact her revenge. She withholds smiles, unless you smile first. She hopes you have a mediocre day, but knows in her heart that tomorrow will be better for you. Mean Peach does not have the ability to exact true vengeance. Her motto might be, “Vengeance is MINE, but we can reschedule.”

Where did Mean Peach come from?
As stated, Mean Peach is completely unaware of her penchant for niceness, but everyone else knows the truth. As one of her colleagues said, “Peaches would have to email you a note to tell you that she had been mean to you, because you would have no idea.” That note would read something like this:

Dear BFF,
Yesterday, when you asked how I was feeling and I said I was “Fine,” I was actually better than fine, but I was so mad I didn’t tell you. But that was yesterday, so forget it.
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “FAQ about Mean Peach

  1. I’d like to suggest a space on this blog for those of us processing how to process Mean Peach’s lack of meaness. It’s difficult to talk about and for the first time I feel a sense of community with all of you who have experienced her un-meanness.

    Perhaps a testimonial–
    One day Peach called me and sad she was furious and that she was so mean to someone…she thinks she might have gone too far. As a friend to Mean Peach, of course, I instantly ask– what could have made her this mad? how badly did she go off? is this possible?– only to find that she had to explain how what she did was mean.

    If you know what I mean, you’re not alone.


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